Thursday, March 8, 2012

Houston, we have a CRAWLER!!!

Ruh roh. He’s got places to go and people to see. Move outta the way people!
Each time I’d grab my phone to catch this milestone, he’d get distracted by a different toy and get detoured. So finally I put his beloved, off-limits remote in his path/line of vision and finally success!
On a completely unrelated topic, I took Eli over to his buddy Parker’s house today so that he and I could visit with our friends and it turned out to be a bust—for the kiddos, anyway. Jac and I still had fun catching up and sewing. But listen to this: I leave the house at 9:45am so that Eli can just take his morning nap in the car and finish it up at her house in his car seat (it usually works like a charm). Well that didn’t happen, he stayed wide awake, Doh! So on to plan B. I figured Parker still had about an hour left of his nap (because he goes down from 9-11am) so I’d try to get Eli to nap in Parker’s pack-n-play for the next hour. Nope. Although he was quiet in there and I thought he had gone na nights, I peeked my head in just to confirm and I see him sitting up, right at the edge of the thing, staring at the closed door! Ha ha. I immediately started laughing but became bummed when I realized it’s now 11am and he STILL has not taken a morning nap (translation: crabby baby in about 2 seconds if momma does not act fast) and now Parker was awake! Grrrr. So Parker lets us borrow his crib and I finally get Eli to nap…for 2 hours. Again, Doh! When Eli finally wakes up, Parker goes down for his afternoon nap. Sigh. Play date = fail.
Whelp, needless to say, the kiddos did not get to play together today as we left for home just as Parker was waking up from his second nap. It was like we only had one kid between us. Ha ha.
I just thought it was a funny story. Smile
Ok, time to end this thing so Auntie Stephie and grandma can see the video already.

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Anonymous said...

Awww..that was soo cute! Yep, my're gonna be movin movin movin. ;D

Love ya,
Auntie Glenna Sue