Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some new tricks…

Have I mentioned how fun Eli is lately?! Gosh, he’s hilarious. Grandma has been working with him on stuff like singing, showing us how big he is, and high fives. So far he’ll sing on cue and follow your example, (we really need to work on melody thoughWinking smile) occasionally give high fives (ok, so maybe some are low fives and I have to chase his hand) and sometimes mimic me smacking my lips. This evening I got a few new tricks on video, including him showing how big he is, doing strawberries with his tongue and lips (is there a real name for this skill? I have no idea what to call it but you’ll know what I mean when you see it in the video. It’s how he sassed me in the last video) and waving.
Oh and guess what else he did for the FIRST time today thanks to the off limits, (so therefor very tempting) remote?? He pulled himself up to a standing position against the couch to reach for it! I was like, “wow, what a long arm span. I could have sworn I made sure it was out of reach next to me.” Then I lean forward to see that he was no longer kneeling on the floor reaching, but STANDING!! Ahhhh! Aaron and I joke that we could probably get him to walk by tomorrow by dangling that dang remote out in front of him just out of reach Winking smile. “Heeeerrree fishy fishy fishy”….Ha ha. Remember? It was the remote that got him to crawl for the first time!
Ok, enough excitement for one night. Na night folks.

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Anonymous said...

The remote got my daughter to crawl the first time too! Haha so funny!