Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baby smiles are the best :D

I just LOVE me some baby smiles. I’ve noticed, especially today, that Eli is starting to smile in response to me talking to him. Before, of course, when they are so young and little ,they practically look cross eyed let alone are unable to look at you and focus on your face. Today I was changing his diaper and talking really animated to him and smiling really big and he did this coo thing and this HUGE smile that just about melted my heart. Gosh I hate that I don’t have a camera for those moments! He did that TWICE today and it was unrelated to gas, I swear. Made. My.Day.

So for a week or two now, Eli has been able to lift his head while lying on his belly, and turn it to the opposite side. It’s sooooo cute to watch him do it. He grunts and groans and bobbles his head until he takes a breather and rests halfway through with his mouth and nose buried in the bed (making me panic a little the first time he did it) and then finishes the job—not without a few toots along the way due to all the exertion:) Ha ha. I love that kid. I practically want to jump for joy and clap when he’s done! But alas, I refrain, because he IS supposed to be napping and I don’t want to disturb him and wake him up fully. But I DO walk away beaming and absolutely in LOVE with the kid.

So I’m really working on consistency with Eli and his nap times. We’re doing really well with the feed, awake then nap routine and I’m trying to keep his first am feeding at 6am. This week we’ve started to put him to bed between 7:30-8:00pm and he’s gone right down with no fussing at all. It’s nice to have a few hours at nighttime to ourselves to unwind. He still gets up a few times during the night to eat though, usually around midnight and again around 3ish. I’m not sure if it’s hunger that wakes him or his gas because I’ll hear him grunting and then passing gas or leaving me a blow out and then he cries and is fully awake. Grrr. After the 6am feeding, he’ll stay up and talk with grandma a bit (remember she comes every morning at 6am to let me get a few more hours of sleep, then leaves for work at 9am), then goes down for a short nap and I’ll feed him at 9:30 and he goes down for his big nap between 10-11 and will nap for 3hrs. Love it! We’re getting there. Hoping he’ll sleep through the night here soon. We will see.

Sorry no pics today. We had a pretty uneventful day. Auntie Stephie will be over tomorrow so standby…she’s as bad as the paparazzi with that camera ;)

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