Monday, August 1, 2011

So blessed…

Well Eli has established with great consistency, that his am wake time will be 5:30 am. I can tell you, I’m not thrilled by this, but the fact that grandma comes to entertain him at 6am so that I can sleep a little longer makes it tolerable. He only got up once last night to eat at 2:15 am! Woo hoo! I think we’re heading in the right direction.

Daddy gets up a 5:30am too and my suspicion is that Eli coordinated so he can see him before he leaves for work for the day. Some days I’m lucky and daddy will change his diaper and put on a clean outfit and he’ll bring him to me stating “Who wants a clean baby?” Me! I do! I do! Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this face?!?!

eli lives with parents He’s looking so grown up, but then he assumes the froggy position and he’s still my itty bitty baby boy :)

Eli loves being talked to. Sometimes he’s fussin’ and Aaron or I will talk gently to him and he’ll stop cold turkey and listen. One day he did this and Aaron blurted out “Squirrel!” (Like the dog in the movie “Up” when he’s talking and all of a sudden stops what he’s doing, and yells “squirrel!”…hopefully you know what I”m talking about because otherwise this will not be funny to you. Heck it may not be funny to anyone but us. I guess you had to be there) I just about lost it! I was laughing so hard because it fit the moment so perfectly. He literally was hysterical one moment and totally enthralled by my voice the next. Now we’ll just blurt that out randomly throughout the day to get a laugh out of each other. :) Too funny. It’s the little things, I tell ya… Right now he’s napping next to me on the couch and every so often he stirs to let out a toot. Makes me smile every time.

Its been a month since I’ve been blessed to be called his momma, you’d think it’d settle in by now in my head that he’s mine and that I get to keep him but it hasn’t. Every day I’m in awe that he’s mine—that I’m his first choice when it comes to people to be with—and that I’m the one who can get him to stop crying in an instant (it maaaaay or may not have something to do with a boob, but that isn’t the point)…*sigh* Life.Is.Good. He really IS a good baby.

Love you all,



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