Saturday, August 6, 2011

I’ve become very practical in my old age…

So I told you yesterday we went to visit daddy at his work. Well lo’ and behold my little one needs a diaper change and that place is not outfitted with a diaper changing table so we um, used daddy’s desk :/ I didn’t feel like bringing in the diaper bag and definitely didn’t feel like running out to the car to get the changing pad so I improvised and took Eli’s car seat tent off his carseat and laid that on Aaron’s desk. I have been meaning to make a really light weight changing pad to stick in my new over-sized purse since I always keep a spare diaper and wipes in there and was reeeeeally annoyed when I didn’t have it today when I needed it. So grandmom Shay came over to visit with Eli last night and I used that opportunity to have some craft time for me and finally made exactly what I envisioned in my head (LOVE it when that happens!)
Here’s my new little beauty:
eli's changing pad 001 So it has enough room for a diaper (i happened to have 2 strapped in now since they’re little), wipes case and changing pad. I’m excited because it’s all really compact and light!
Let me show you how it works:
eli's changing pad 002
So the top is a wipe-able PUL material and the pretty outside is just regular quilting fabric. This, obviously is it open and ready to be used. It has no padding, but then again my plan was to use it on a soft surface such as a couch, and not risk getting any stains on other people’s belongings (that’s how you keep friends—being considerate like that :p)

eli's changing pad 003
So then I would just fold it up in a certain order, like you’ll see so it stays compact. First fold over each side until you have 3 equal parts…

eli's changing pad 004
continue to fold right side over one more time…

eli's changing pad 005
And then fold over left side onto center. If you can see in the picture, there is a strap that I sewed on (one, so that I don’t lose it, and two, so that it’s easy to work with)

 eli's changing pad 007
A better view of the straps sewn in place…

eli's changing pad 006
Then fold the bottom up towards the top. Now it’s ready to have the wipes case and diapers placed on top and velcroed together. Voila!

I mentioned above that I got a new over-sized purse. I was so sick and tired of baby stuff falling out of my smaller purse. I wanted a bag that was veeeeery roomy but light-weight to start (that’s the problem, once you get into over-sized bags, they start to weigh a ton even before you put your junk into it!) and ideally divided for a “me” section and an “Eli” section and I totally found EXACTLY what I was looking for at Kohls..on clearance! Ow ow!
Here she is:
eli's changing pad 008
eli's changing pad 010 eli's changing pad 011
 Above you can see that it’s divided into 2 sections, with the divider being a zippered pouch where she is nestled in her new home :) So, one side has my junk in it, and the other side has Eli’s. Totally happy momma right now :D
That is all.


swederosa said...

What a fabulous idea! And good thing Grandma came over so you could create it while it was still fresh on your mind :) Miss you ~ you look so happy!!

Steph said...

Oooooh your first official tutorial. Awesome idea. Necessity is definitely the mother of invention. I can't wait to see all the stuff you come up with now that you have a kid yourself.

Anonymous said...

very neat! I also love your new oversize purse. hmm, I am gonna have to look at Kohls, I have been looking for something just like that. I used to like smaller purses, but now that I have kids, I love the bigger ones b/c I don't always need a diaper bag then (esp now that my baby is 2.
~Jeri Chambers

LeslieFreeman said...

Such a crafty little lady! Great job Linds!