Saturday, August 13, 2011

My baby is SIX weeks old!

bathtime 006
Nothin’ like a squeaky clean baby :)  
Eli and I ventured out today to help a friend from work celebrate her son’s 3rd birthday. I remember doing lunch with the girls from work so we could meet him as a newborn baby and now he’s 3! Gosh how time flies.
This was Eli’s first party invite. So cute. He was such a good boy and it was so nice to catch up with the girls at work and get back in the loop. Can’t say that I miss work yet. He, he. I miss seeing certain people/docs but other than that, I love being home with my widdle guy.
Happy birthday Blake!

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Amber Martin said...

Thanks for helping celebrate Blake's birthday! It was so great to meet Eli (who might just be the best behaved and caaaa-utest baby!) and see you! You are such a natural mommy and you are so in your element with a little one of our own now. Don't be a stranger neighbor...can't wait till our next playdate!