Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eli is EIGHT weeks old! But not TWO months yet…huh?

I’m confused. It must be the blonde in me because for a moment I couldn’t wrap my mind around this concept…How can he be 8 wks old but not 2 months old? Aren’t there 4 wks in a month? His 2 month well visit is next week on the 2nd which makes sense (since he was born July 2nd) but I was all excited to do his 2 month “photo shoot” today and give his stats because its another week down, but my smart momma told me I was supposed to do it NEXT week. Huh? But he’s 8 wks :/ Then my smart sister said, “yeah, some months have 5 wks in them so you can’t go by that.” I finally got it. So my friends, the stats come next week after his doc visit. So it’s going to be weird for me to say “he’s 8wks!” today and then say “he’s 2 months!” next week. Does this seem odd to anyone else or am I just an idiot?
confused 003 We’re confused
Yours truly,
Miss Discombobulated


Cassi said...

It's called "mommy brain" and it doesn't go away :)

swederosa said...

Amen, Cassi! Linds, just try to calculate how old you'd be if you used your math ....