Monday, August 8, 2011

Eli’s official!

Today Eli got his own piece of mail addressed to him. It was his social security card. Is it weird that when my hubby handed me the piece of paper and pointed out that it was addressed to him that I wanted to cry? It’s JUST a social security card and I was getting emotional. He’s official now :)

Yesterday Auntie Stephie came over and once Eli gets all tanked up, you can literally do anything to him and he’s still a happy camper. So once he finished his dinner we had a little photo shoot. You got to see some of the shots in yesterday’s post. I love to scroll through all his photos on a daily basis just to see how much he changes. Here’s another fav of mine:

eli photoshoot 016 I like to think he’s practicing his Elvis, not getting annoyed with momma and Auntie Stephie’s antics.


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