Sunday, August 14, 2011

Makes me laugh every time…

eli photoshoot 024
Well on the eve of his 6 wk celebration of life he slept 6 straight hours! woo hoo! Still getting up usually once during the night if I put him to bed between 7:30-8:00pm. I have 2 more weeks to meet my goal of him sleeping through the night, although I’m not exactly sure what that’ll look like…meaning will I expect him to go down at 7:30pm and not get up until 6am which is his morning feeding time?? It sounds insane but my girlfriend Jac’s beautiful baby boy goes down at 6:30 pm (I guess that’s the time he hits his “wall”) and doesn’t get up until 7:30am!!!! I’m pretty sure he’s been doing that since the 8wk mark, so we shall see (He’s a Babywise baby…see previous post from a couple of weeks ago if you’re wondering what I mean by that). I won’t be able to sleep through the night uninterrupted though until my boobs adjust to that gap. I’ll definitely have to get up and pump once or twice for a while.
You can do it baby boy!
Now on to a diaper review, ha ha…
So thanks to my wonderful shower thrown by my sister and Jac, I have oodles of different types of diapers that should last me the first 6 months of Eli’s life (no joke). So far we’ve tried the huggies “naturals” which are just “so so”. We had a lot of leaks with those. I do believe he was wearing one of those both times mommy and daddy got peed on. Then came the Pampers swaddlers. LOVE.THEM. Not only are they soft and have a line that shows up to let you know the diaper is wet, it has a sweet baby scent to it! SOLD. I mourned the last diaper used **tear**. Now I have to wait until he moves up the “2” size diapers to see my beloved pampers again. Lately we are using “Luvs”. I opened the package all excited, hoping they would smell like my swaddlers but sadly they didn’t. In fact they are plastic-y :( Definitely not a love at first site experience. But, I’m happy to report it DOES have redeeming qualities. First off, we’ve had major Eli blow-outs (the kind where the poop shoots out to the sides and leaves the area near his pooper clean. It’s a phenomenon I’ll never understand) and still no leaks at all! The other thing that has sold me is that even though its plastic-y and absolutely NOT cuddly soft like my pampers, I just LOVE to hear the crinkle of his diaper when he wiggles. *sigh*. We will keep the Luvs around for a while :) I have a few target brand packages but I’ve heard they leak so I’ve saved them for last and I’m contemplating trading them in for Luvs or pampers, we will see. Anybody out there just absolutely love them?
Ok, that’s all for now. Nighty night.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Target brand diapers! One of those packages you have are from me! However, I didn't use them on my babies until size 2 diaper. I used Pampers Swaddlers on them as newborns. I was so excited when I discovered them b/c they are so reasonably priced and worked for both of mine. I HATED Walmart brand diapers.
~Jeri Chambers

Anonymous said... can always take the diapers to Walmart or Target and exchange them. You'll get a store credit that you can use for your pampers.

Kimberly Hoskinson said...

We really liked the Target brand diapers in all 3 sizes we have used. Did not like the Babies r us ones though!

Cassi said...

I loved huggies. That's all I would buy. They have scents now? and denim diapers lol. All my stuff seems so outdated! It's interesting hearing other mommy's routines. I remember putting my infants to bed at 10pm and sleeping til 4am, then eventually 5, than 6am. At a year old I made bedtime 9pm sleeping 9-6 and slowly pushed back to 8pm (8-6) which is what they still do now :)