Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Growin’ up and birthday fun…

My “widdle guy” isn’t so widdle anymore :.( Yesterday I packed up a bunch of onesies and sleepers he no longer fits in. This kid is getting LONG! Also this morning he was napping on his belly with his head facing to the right and when I looked back he had lifted his head and positioned it to the left! He’s sooooo strong! I know they grow like weeds at this stage and that growing is a GOOD Thing but I think I need to better prepare myself.
Anywho, today was Don’s birthday so the family got together to celebrate at cafe 20 in Marengo. We did this last year too, always a good time with good people and food. Here are some pictures of the evening:
Don's birthday 013       
I really LOVE this one! Sad Aldo had to work and so he couldn’t be here :(
Don's birthday 005                                                    Mom and Terry
Don's birthday 003                                                               Cheese!
Don's birthday 007                                                             The hubs
Don's birthday 010              Gosh does he look like a BOY or what?!
Don's birthday 018                                      ONE of Eli’s biggest fans
Don's birthday 019                                                                          Us with the birthday boy.
Don's birthday 022 The girls and Eli. Don asked “how can someone so small have ALL you girls wrapped around his little finger?”—Total mystery ;)
Don's birthday 015                We all want a pic with the birthday boy.
Don's birthday 001 Ha ha! This picture ca-racks me up! Little perve! He’s thinking “ha ha, lunch!”
Happy Birthday Don! We love you TONS!!


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