Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some new kicks…

So My mom had introduced me to a set of twin boys in her town who are 4 months old. They are super cute and just about the same size as Eli (don’t get me wrong, they are normal in size, my kid is just ginormous). With the colder weather coming up I decided to make Eli some shoes and he suggested I make a pair for his new friends as well (Such a thoughtful kid). They all now have matching kicks:
the boys 005
Baby shoe tutorial found here.
It’s kind of hard to see but the twins’ shoes have their initials in the stars so mom and dad can tell them apart, but I ran out of the letter “e” so Eli’s are plain. That’s ok, he didn’t mind. I tried them on him over his sleeper, aka “baby spanks” while he was sleeping so you could see them. ha ha.
the boys 008Thanks honey for humoring Mommy.
the boys 007Up close and personal 
Eli wore his all day today and they stayed on! They’re a little big yet since they typically fit a 6 month old but they still looked cute.

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Anonymous said...

Hey its Stacey... I thought I was creative, but man you are gifted... I wish I was half as talented as you :)