Thursday, September 15, 2011

Definitely a growth spurt…warning, nudity ;)

Eli’s right on target for predicted growth spurts and the subsequent frequent feedings, fussiness and lots of sleeping. He wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone ;) Thank God the fussiness only lasts a day or two with him. He’s just about back to his great baby self. These “spurts” make me truly appreciate the usual good days. I honestly don’t know how people deal with colic. I know that’s the one thing in parenthood that could put me over the edge, and I’ll admit, the thought TERRIFIED me during pregnancy. I LOVE that I’m his favorite person and that a soft calming voice or cuddle can stop any of his outbursts. If that didn’t  work?!?! I don’t know what I’d do. My heart goes out to those mommy’s that do deal with colic :*(
So I told Jac that I secretly thought she was crazy for putting her kid to bed at 6:30 pm, I mean that seems so early! But, for the last 3 nights, Eli has been going through a witching hour come 6pm. I thought “what the heck?? Where’s my sweet, lovable baby boy??” So I fed him and put him down at 7pm and he was Out.Cold. Tonight, I fed him at 5pm and he was going crazy at 6pm (sucking on anything in sight, fussing and then full out crying) So I fed him and he passed out. (Aaron asks me what I put in the breast milk, ha ha) He was in bed by 6:45pm! I guess he’s been trying to tell me all along that he needs an earlier bedtime. Sorry little fella!
Aaron and I are still debating the whole vaccination thing :/ I tell him I work in a hospital and that vaccinations are important and he says not all of them are necessary. So we got Dr. Sear’s book “The vaccine book” at the library at the recommendation of my pediatrician and we both plan to read it and come to a decision soon. So Eli and I decided it was a nice day to take a stroller ride to the library.  With the colder weather here, I had him decked out in one of his new handmade hats that he got at my baby shower from my cousin-in-law Val. (Thanks Val!!! I freakin’ LOVE it!)  I couldn’t take my eyes off him! Sooo stinkin ca-uute in that thing. We did a little unintentional off roading because momma wouldn’t keep her eyes on the road :/
See what I mean??stroller time 014stroller time 016
I could just eat him up!
Grandma helped me give him a bath today after a disastrous poop fiasco… what else is new with this kid. Mommy insists on using the too-small-for-my-rump huggies naturals since we have’em. **sigh, I suppose I’ll take the blame for the blowouts :/ Poor grandma had poop everywhere :)
stroller time 005up my back….
stroller time 006On her shoulder…
  Thanks Grandma for helping me get squeaky clean! Come back to play tomorrow! :)


Anonymous said...

He's such a little lambchop.

Give him 3 kisses for me. No more, no less...K, Linds?

Great Auntie Glenna sue Magoo
<3 <3 <3

Steph said...

Yaaaaaay Naked baby, naked baby. He just gets cuter and cuter every day. I'm sorry I missed out on his bathtime. : (