Sunday, September 18, 2011

“I surrender!!”…and some new mittens

funtimes 019Ha ha! I got a pic finally during naptime :)
funtimes 010 
I love my little guy. Does he look like me??
Well I tried to get a picture of Eli wearing his new mittens but they were all action shots and therefore blurry since he wouldn’t sit still, so these will have to do:
funtimes 011
Fleece lined mittens with wrap around Velcro strap

funtimes 016
The fleece lining…

The wrap around Velcro strap…
I’m half tempted to put these on him at bedtime because he always wakes up with freezing cold hands even though the rest of him feels toasty warm :/
Now I’m inspired to make him some fleece lined booties with this same style strap because as you mothers of infants know, booties/shoes do NOT stay on! Eli lived in some knitted booties over the summer from my friend Heather because they had ties. Those suckers had no choice but to stay on! Ha ha. But, a bootie is a little more complicated then a thumb-less mitten so we shall see. I get really creative when I draw in my craft book and have coffee in my belly. There’s something about those perfectly shaped itty bitty boxes on beautiful white paper, and caffeine surging through my veins that makes me feel like I can create anything. (For those of you who “know” me, blank paper and coffee make me happy) So wish me luck!
Nighty night

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