Saturday, September 10, 2011

My baby is TEN weeks old today!

apple orchard 11On our way to the orchard
But you’re probably thinking “she didn’t do a 9 week post.” Um yeah, don’t get me started. That was his “2 months old” post when he was 9 wks old. That whole thing still messes with my mind. Anyways…
Bring on the fall festivities! I can’t wait to start establishing new traditions with my little family. Today Eli and I met up with Auntie Stephie, Don, Jac, Her hubby Brent, and my little man Parker to go to Kuipers family farm out in Maple Park. We picked up some yummy snacks for home and did a little apple picking, but I was a paranoid mommy when it came to my little albino baby, aka “mini me”, getting exposed to the sun since he’s still too young yet for sunscreen. I sure hope he takes after his daddy in the skin tone department when he get older :/ So needless to say, I picked my apples in record time and rushed my kidlet inside. I’m pretty sure Gala apples aren’t supposed to be yellow but I guess that’s what I get for rushing through it. They still taste pretty scrumdiddliumpscious though.
apple orchard 001Parker and his daddy
Is it just me, or do you break out in a big grin looking at this kid?! He is so stinkin Ca-UUTE! He also makes me laugh out loud. Lately he’s started to teeth so he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. See those straps on the side of his hat? Well Jac told me out in the orchard he swallowed about 5in of that strap until he gagged it back up! ha ha ha. I about died when I heard that story. She really wasn’t kidding when she said he’d eat anything these days. LOL. Too funny. He is making the greatest faces now too and giggles LIKE crazy. Gah! I love that kid!
apple orchard 006The boys
I made Steph wear the baby bjorn because he gets so heavy after a while. By the time we left, she had a softball sized drool spot on her shirt (conveniently located as if SHE were the lactating twin) and poop on her pants. She was a hot mess. Ha ha. Good thing “Bait” there has her wrapped around his finger because then she can’t get mad :) I think I’m gonna put him in adult diapers so he’s covered from head to toe and maybe THEN he won’t poop through his outfits. No, I’m just kidding….partly.
apple orchard 002Aaaaaand Mr. Poopy Pants is spent.
Nighty night all.

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