Monday, September 26, 2011

Ready for the Bears game…

Yesterday we went over to Auntie Stephie’s and Uncle Pibe’s house to watch the Bears/Packers game. Well Eli saw a little of it in between being passed around among the ladies. He was such a good sport despite not taking his long mid morning nap like he usually does. I was nervous that he’d be fussy because of it but he was such a good boy! That’s because he just LOVES undivided attention. He did manage to fall asleep in my Friend Sara’s arms with his leg draped over her cute preggo belly. I about melted (I think she did too)

sara and eliHard to tell but she has a reeeeally cute baby belly that Eli found quite comfy

I put him in an orange top with blue pants, his matching blue and orange kicks and a knitted bears hat I got as a shower gift from my friend Leslie, so he was all set.

bears fan 005How cute is that hat?! Thanks Leslie!!

bears fan 001  I love that face. Muuuuuah!

bears fan 003

What?! The Bears lost??

Hope you all had a nice Sunday funday :)


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