Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mommy survived!

Well all day yesterday I was psyching myself up to putting Eli in his own room in his crib to sleep for the night. I’m happy to report that after rigging the video monitor, hanging all cock-eyed, just so, on the corner of his crib with scotch tape (so I could see the hair in his nostrils of course) I let my baby boy sleep alone alllll the way down my football field-sized hallway! I’m so proud of myself :) AND I lived to tell about it. He did just fine as I knew he would. It was so nice not having to tip toe around the room when getting ready for bed so we wouldn’t wake him. Now, would I be ready for this step withOUT my video monitor—Nope :/

My widdle peanut in his giNORmous looking crib:

eli sleeps in his own room 001Please disregard his messy closet :/

Proud Momma,


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