Saturday, September 24, 2011

My baby is TWELVE weeks old!!

12 wks 2Seconds before a Huggies Snugglers fail :/

There is nothing better in this world than your baby smiling up at you in recognition and looking truly excited to be in your presence :) I was feeding Eli this morning and daddy walked in after an early morning meeting and greeted us and Eli popped off, lifting his head like the big boy he is, and gave daddy the BIGGEST smile and started jabbering away like he had so much to tell him! Made my morning.

Yesterday Grandma Marilyn was over to visit/play with Eli and she bent down to sniff his butt to see if he needed a diaper change and he decided then was the perfect time to let out a loud toot (Eli doesn’t DO silent) right in her face! She said she nearly crapped her own pants. ha ha ha ha. Love that kid, although I doubt it would be as funny if it was my own nose insulted by an infamous Eli toot :) Ok, it still would be :D I never found flatulence to be a very funny topic like most people do until It was my own infant son doing it unknowingly, then its hilarious!—Like when I hear him stretching on the monitor and then a toot follows. Never fails to get me and daddy belly laughing.

In case you were wondering, we’re all doing very well with the new sleeping arrangements. I can’t wait until he can sleep with blankets and pillows, it only seems right. I wonder how babies tolerate sleeping all night, flat on their back with no cuddling of blankets and no less than 10 pillows like their mommies??? But he does it so I won’t complain.

I want to send a shout out to my uH-MAZ-ing momma who has been so hands on with Eli and making THIS momma’s job a thousand times easier than it should be. Its because of her that I’m not a sleep deprived zombie, that motherhood has been such a painless transition for me, and that Eli doesn’t have to be in day care. I truly wish all new mommas were guaranteed a helper like her. I LOVE you tons mom! Muuuuuuah! You take being an “awesome Grandma” to a new level. Sorry to all the other grammies out there, the bar has been set.
12 wks 3This picture cracks me up. He looks guilty like he just said "what?! I swear, it wasn't me!"
Blessed mommy,


Anonymous said... sweet!

Your Momma has been a God-send for sure, Linds. Wish we had that kind of help when you and your cousins were widdo biddy babes. Sure does make a difference with snapping back quicker, doesn't it. :D

Now.....I am seeing Nesler(like Grampa Bobby) in little Eli now. My my, how they change back and forth. ;D.

Love the pics and your baby blog.


Auntie Glenna Sue Magoo

Anonymous said...

You are definitely blessed that your mom is so hands-on and helpful! Not all grandma's are like that. I am sure it't not even a chore to your mom either, just lots of joy to be able to spend time with her grandbaby :-)
~Jeri C.

(sorry if this posts twice, I couldn't get it to post the first time)

Cassi said...

Have you had that moment where you realize OMG THIS is how my mom feels about me? I mean you know how much she loves you obviously, but NOW you know what it feels like, kinda cool ;)

Linds said...

Cassi YES I understand now. Its a whole new way of thinking and viewing life. And Jeri I think I'm doing HER as much a favor as she is me sometimes because she just adores Eli. She says she needs to wean herself off. ha ha. And Auntie Glenna I think of mom and I think of grandma and I can't believe they are even mother and daughter. Sooooo different!