Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Fest in Burlington

Yesterday the family got together in front of my mom’s house in Burlington to watch their parade and enjoy the festivities. There was a bunch of activities for kids, food, and for me, crafters :) My friend Leslie came out to be the designated Eli holder until the sun started creeping in on us, then he got banished to his uv ray protected tent. Ha! No seriously, we laid him in a boppy inside and he was a happy camper (Pun TOTALLY intended, ba dum tssh!…that was supposed  to be my drum finale, use your imagination)

fall fest 001 Love this thing. Got it as a shower gift from my Salzmann cousins :) Thanks guys!

It comes in a little round, lightweight carrying case that’s maybe a foot in diameter and you literally pull it out, toss it up into the air (I’m pretty sure this is frowned upon by the manufacturer but my hubby insists on having his fun too) and voila! Its ready to go. It even has a little auto-inflated mattress to lay down in it. (I strongly recommend you keep the instructions on how to fold this little ditty back up though otherwise you may never use it again) I just propped him up with a boppy so he could see the parade :) Best part besides sun protection? It kept all the creepy crawlies out! Woo hoo! Money well spent if you ask me.

fall fest 006

fall fest 002






A couple of the cute little cars in the parade

fall fest 007 The grandparents and Eli

fall fest 008

Naptime for Eli

Good times.



Cassi said...

LOL That's the best age when you can plop them anywhere and they stay put. Enjoy it, it doesn't last long :)

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of him sleeping. So precious. Grandma's seem to know how to make them fall asleep.