Friday, September 2, 2011

My baby is TWO months old today!

2 month photoshoot 017And what a stud he is!
2 month photoshoot 012 
Ok so here goes:
Size: He weighed in at 11 lbs 8oz and 23 inches long. That’s a 2lb weight  gain since last month!
Likes: Still likes stroller rides, his car seat, smiling, being rocked, bath time, and nursing
Dislikes: I haven’t really noticed a whole lot of things he doesn’t like. He knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want. He fusses when he’s hungry, over tired or has a gassy belly.
Feeding: He’s still exclusively breastfed. If we go out without him he’ll take a bottle of breast milk no problem. He eats every 2hrs during the day (unless he takes a long nap), and he nurses like a CHAMP! Woo hoo! Praise God!
Sleeping: He still sleeps in our room in a pack-n-play. He goes down between 7-8pm and sleeps for a good 7-8hrs straight until he wakes around 3am. I don’t mind the 3am feeding because my boobs want to explode at this point. They say your body will adjust, and until then, I’ll keep feeding him at 3am. Once I can go longer, I’ll teach him to go longer. In an effort to eliminate the middle of the night feeding though, I did try waking and feeding him at 11:3opm (He was dead to the world too. The whole time I’m thinking “what in the world am I doing waking a sleeping baby!??!”) Buuuuut, that was an epic fail just as I expected because he still got up at 2am and 5am….NEXT!) And unfortunately, he is a morning bird. This kid thinks the day starts at 5:30-6am :( Guh-ross.
During the day he takes his “big” nap between 10-11am and will sleep for 2-3 1/2 hrs. Then he’ll do a few 30min-1hr cat naps later in the day. The key is to lay him down before he is over tired which isn’t always an easy thing to predict.
So there you have it in a nut-shell. He is an awesome baby. He now smiles a LOT intentionally when you talk and smile at him. He can even mimic you when you stick out your tongue :P
2 month photoshoot 014 more chillin’
As for mommy, I’m down to 120lbs (from my all time high right before delivery of 145lbs) which I’ve stayed at since about the 4 wk mark. I think this will be where my body wants to be which I’m ok with since I could stand to gain a little weight pre-pregnancy. Plus I chalk it up to now having 14 year old girl breasts instead of a 12 year old boys chest :)
My nipples are 90% better! Halleluiah! Gosh, there was a dark time when I thought I couldn’t stick with breast feeding. The pain was excruciating. But since my doc (Eli’s pediatrician) had me take grapefruit seed extract capsules 3x a day and put a mixture of the liquid extract on my nipples after each feeding, I’m a new woman! Phew. Now I actually enjoy nursing just as I’d hoped. Its just frustrating not knowing why I was having such pain.
Ok toodles. I may post “the video” later—still debating. (You facebook people know what I’m talking about :0)


Anonymous said...

Love all of it! AWESOME to hear you got the boob thing figured out and no more pain!!! And way to go on your weight! He is ADORABLE!
~Jeri Chambers

Steph said...

Do it! Do it! Do it!

Cassi said...

I think you are the same exact size as me lol, I was 142 and 143 on my delivery days doesn't it feel nice to finally have some curves? :)

Linds said...

Thanks Jeri! Yes Cassi, I DO like finally having some curves :) Were you hungry ALL THE TIME when pregnant with both? I thought for SURE I'd gain 80lbs because I wanted to eat everything in sight. And with pregnancy cravings, once I got something in my head, I HAD to have it.