Sunday, January 1, 2012

Eli bouncin’….

I can’t even tell you how often a stupid grin spreads across my face when I’m working around the house and Eli’s in his new mercedez benz of jumpers and I hear his music playing, meaning he used his little cool hands to press the square, circle or triangle. SOOOO. stinkin’. Ca-UUTE! He’s really getting the hang of it as he swivels around in his seat and takes in a new fun toy on the opposite side. Now he jumps and goes “da-da-da-da-da“, smacking his gums like he knows exactly what he’s saying, and so should everyone else. Here’s a video clip of him bouncin’:
(**Disclaimer: it is physically impossible for me to talk to my son without raising my voice about 20 octaves…just sayin’)
Well I can officially call my widdle bitty baby boya 6 month old tomorrow. That’s HALF a freakin YEAR people! Ahhhhhh! I won’t be doing my usual monthly post though until Wednesday after we have our doc appointment, so stand by.
Over and out

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LeslieFreeman said...

He is soooo cute in that bouncer! And I love the way you said you cannot talk to Eli without raising your voice 20 octaves! Too funny!