Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My teenager…wait, what??

Does sifting through hundred upon hundreds of candid photos of your little one EVER get old?? I think not :) I was just going through some photos this morning for the 123,426,245th time and I stumbled upon this gem:

hooded robe 011“Mom, really? Another family photo? Come-onnnnn.”

Anybody else get vivid images of him as a teenager with this face when mom asks for him to “smile for the camera!”..?? Ha ha ha. I laughed out loud when I saw this! Ohhhh brother…

How about this one:

hooded robe 013“Uh, mom?—Most bea-U-tiful mom in the whole universe?? Can I have the keys to the car and $100?? (Throw in a little eyebrow raise like daddy’s teachin’ him, for good measure)

Aaaaah! Say it isn’t so! Is it wrong for me to wanna pray for his future wife but to throw in there “please don’t take him out of the same town far away from his momma??! Am I going to be one of THOSE moms??!?! 


oh, and he smells divine today. I’m just sayin’. Wish I could bottle it up and put a little scratch and sniff button in the corner for you all to top off your daily Eli fix.

Ok, that’s all my ramblings for now.


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Cassi said...

Awwww I miss that baby smell!