Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A few of Eli’s favorite tasty things…

I’m beginning to wonder if Eli even has a sense of taste. No, seriously. He eats anything and everything, and it seems all things are created equal. I made homemade green bean and parsnip purees and they smelled so vegetable-y (insert grimace here) and even tasted just as potent. I fully expected Eli to clamp his mouth shut and/or spit it out, but he happily lunged at the spoon like usual. Unbelievable. I even had some fruit puree on standby, thinking I was going to have to doctor it up, but nope. If he wasn’t so obviously a little me I’d wonder if he’s really mine. I’m not a big veggie fan.**Baffled**.

Anyway, I gave him a piece of apple today which not only made him happy, but managed to entertain me for a good hour as well. He is so funny. I loved watching him scrape out the fleshy part with his 2 new toofers and look so proud of himself as he chipped away at it, slowly but surely.


Such a ham, munchin’ on his apple.

And don’t forget the sock chaser to cleanse the palate:

IMAG0750mmm, nothin’ like a tasty sock.

And dessert:

That would be the tassel to my hoodie in his mouth. When I was finally successful in getting him to relinquish his beloved new teether, I literally wrung it out and made a puddle on our couch (sorry honey, I didn’t realize just how soaked it really was. whoops) I’m not even lying. Now I smell like baby saliva Smile.

So to recap what I’ve learned today:

1.) All foods (and inanimate objects) are created equal in the world of Eli.

2.) Hoodie tassels can hold 8 ounces of spit at one time.

3.) A parsnip looks like a carrot but is cream colored and is NOT a carrot gone bad (although based on the taste test I’m willing to contend this)

and lastly,

4.) I’m pretty sure my kid has consumed more carpet fuzz than my vacuum has in the past 4 years that I’ve had it. I sure hope his little digestive track can handle it all :/

That is all. Na night.


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