Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don’t let this face fool you…

eli waving                                                   “Hey! What’s up yo?”
He looks all calm, sweet, and innocent here saying “hi” to you all but this kid has a drinking problem. See previous post about sensitive nipples and you should understand why this may be a problem for mommy. I unfortunately did not have any visits from grandma or auntie Stephie today to help distract him so I literally spent the day with him attached to my boob—no joke. He would get fussy and start rooting immediately when I took him off or if he fell asleep and let go himself, he’d startle awake and remember his mission: milk, must obtain milk! Since I had no plans today, I indulged him, mainly because I worried I wouldn’t have the patience to listen to him wail :/ He must be going through a growth spurt. Please pass soon!
So for my readers who are pregnant and “planning” to breast feed I HIGHLY recommend you evaluate your reasoning and make up your mind to give it 110% because although it is a natural process, ask anybody, breast feeding does NOT come naturally. If you go into it saying “eh, I’ll give it a try”, you’ll give up within a week, two tops, guaranteed. I complain about my nipples but I’m comforted by knowing just how good breast milk is for my baby. It also helps to have my hubby so supportive of breast feeding because he’s kept me focused and encouraged me every painful step of the way. All you experienced breast feeders, I’d really love to hear your advice and stories. I was given a book from my mother-in-law from the library called “The better way to breast feed” that is really informative. I highly recommend it.
If only my little peanut would take a binky!! I’ve tried 3 different ones and he sucks at each one ravenously but the minute he realizes there is no milk coming out of it he gives me the dirtiest look like “what, you think I’m an idiot?!” and spits it out and wails. He takes a bottle no problem, what a stinker.
Anyways, I want to send a shout out to my girl Jac for letting me borrow her baby swing! LOVE it when he’s all tanked up and fat & happy because he’ll sit in there all quiet and alert—so cute. I took a pic of him just after he fell asleep in it.
fun with eli 006
Alrighty, gonna feed this kid and hope he sleeps longer than an hour before wanting to eat again. Night all.


Kimberly Hoskinson said...

would love to give you some advice but I think I have it easier in a way. I have to use a nipple shield so I don't have her actually suckling on me. Stick with it though. I hear the first few months are the toughest so if you can just get past them it is supposed to be easier. Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe try a binky after you have fed him. Sometimes they just like to suck and aren't really hungry (As I recall).

All I know is, I kept pushing and pushing the binky until Mellie finally took it. I think I tried 3-4 different ones. It took a few weeks. Beckie loved it from the get go. :D Just sayin'... ;D

~~ Love, Auntie Glenna Sue Magoo

Anonymous said...

Breast feeding is no fun in you first start but it's such a wonderful bonding experiences. I use the brand mam for blinkys. I started with smallest one.

Anonymous said...

Unless he is latching on to the tip of your nipple and not latching correctly it really should't hurt at this point. You can also to talk to your OB because the lactation consultant at our hospital recommended a cream that is prescription only for sore nipples. My problem with my middle one was a)she was a hoover vacuum and b) when she latched on she clamped down. We remedied that situation by apply pressure on her jaw when latching and eventually that trained her to loosen up. Breastfeeding is DEFINATELY not for people who may want to do it. I see more often then not that these people go to bottle before they leave the hospital! Keep your spirits up you are doing something that is so special for your little one :) I can't even imagine missing out on that bonding time that I had with my babies. It will get better! I promise:)
Jennee Kolthoff