Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mommy is so mean…

I was getting the little guy dressed the other day and got his onesie just past his face when I started cracking up because I thought he looked like a little lion and the onesie was his mane. So what’s a mommy to do in this situation?? Take a picture of course! Ha ha ha.
Eli wk 3 002
"whats so funny?!"
I took a video of Eli crawlin’ on Aaron’s chest yesterday. I was walking out of the bathroom as I was getting ready for bed and the boys were “rough housing” and I thought it was the ca-UUUTEST sight. I think Eli won. Sorry guys I didn’t realize you couldn’t rotate a video, Doh! So you just have to strain your necks for a minute (Steph…for 5-10 minutes as you watch it over and over again. Don’t deny the fact that you’ll hit replay multiple times)
Ok…I should get pretty now. Eli and I are going to do lunch with the girls and his buddy Parker today. Toodles!

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