Sunday, July 24, 2011

My widdle guy is 3 weeks!

eli laughing
Gosh when your day is now broken down into 2hr feeding-your-son increments, the days sure fly by! I cant believe my little guy has been around for 3 wks already. I want him to be 8 wks because I’m optimistic that he’ll be sleeping through the night by then (fingers and toes crossed!!)but he wont be so itty bitty anymore which makes me sad, so I’m torn :(
Ohmygosh! The picture above I swear was of him doing his first laugh. It lasted long enough for me to grab my phone and snap a picture. My mother-in-law was there and she got to witness it too. Aaron missed out because he was at his mistress’ house…aka the glider club. I can’t wait for him to laugh and smile intentionally when he sees me. I’m waiting, not so patiently, for the recognition in his eyes when he sees mommy. He definitely knows my voice, and daddy’s too for that matter ,but as far as focusing his eyes, I guess he’s too young.
Eli’s likes: laying on grandma’s chest and rocking, being held, lying on his belly, eating, going for walks in the stroller.
Eli’s dislikes: pooping and sitting in a poopy diaper ( he grunts and advertises to the whole world what he is doing which also usually results in a hysterical crying fit) not being the center of attention, and sleeping for long periods of time at night :/
Ok hope your Sunday is fantastic and you spend it doing Eli’s favorite pastime: by baby boy 002

-Linds and Eli


Linds said...

Testing, testing...

Steph said...

NO, I can't wait for him to recognize MY voice and get excited when he sees ME. How come his favorite past time didn't include being naked except for a diaper so that his auntie can kiss and sniff him? I'm sure he loves that.

Kimberly Hoskinson said...

I hope he starts sleeping through the night for you soon! It's sad how fast they grow and how time flies when are eatting every 2 hours. Enjoy your time at home with him! Can't wait to see you back at work.

Anonymous said...

It's Stacey.. I'm sure it wont post my name cause I'm doing it Anonymous.. Posting real fast before I put the baby down for a nap. First smiles are awesome! 8 weeks to sleep thru the night. haha I wish you good luck! Anywho.. He is an adorable little man! Keep up the good work Mama!

Anonymous said...

Your BLOG is awesome. I can post : )