Friday, July 22, 2011

Sooooo Spoiled!

Just had to share this picture from this morning. I am his mom so admittedly totally biased but…isnt he the ca-uutest thing???? I could spend my whole day just staring at him.

eli as a peanut

So grandma Marilyn came over to hang out with Eli and offered to let mommy get out and run some errands. It was soooo nice to get out and leave the house with ONLY me and a purse. Well I already told you Eli loves sleeping on his stomach so I left the house with him and grandma like this:

spoiled eli 001and I return 2hrs later and they were STILL like this! I said “puh-lease tell me you did not stay like that for 2 straight hours?!?!” She claims that she put him down in his cradle to nap (mmm hmmm..) and helped do some cleaning around the house. This last part was the only thing that made me actually believe her because she DID do that. ha ha. Thanks mom! We LOVE having you around.

Since Eli and I are missing auntie Stephie already since she has worked the past 2 days (boo!) and will be gone the weekend and she has already yelled at me for “slacking” on my blog, I took a video for her to remember us by. This one is for you Auntie Stephie. Come see us, I’ll be enrolling him in preschool soon…


Ok enough for now bye everyone…

spoiled eli 002

-Mommy and Eli

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