Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy ONE month to Eli and 28 years to Daddy!

Today is the day for the men. My little guy is celebrating his 4th week of life on the outside and the big guy is finally as old as me (yes, I’m 9 months older than Aaron) So we do what THEY want to do today. For Aaron, of course its a day at the glider club with his family but since it’s supposed to be a scorcher again today, we may make an appearance for a short while later on. And as for Eli, we will spend the day eating and sleeping since those are HIS favorite activities :) What a life. His one month photos:
eli 1 month 008
Blanket made using this tutorial
eli 1 month 002              
And one with Daddy:    eli 1 month 016
Both in their matching polos :)
As you all know, Eli and I went to the pediatrician yesterday for his 1 month well visit and to get some answers about my nipple issues. The visit went well and this little chunker is up to 9lbs and 9 oz and 22 inches long! She said “well he certainly is eating well and nursing isn’t and issue” but I was like “it is for me!” So we had a discussion about what could be wrong and she sent me home with  an “all purpose” cream for my nipples to apply after each feeding. Apparently it has an antifungal, (if it IS yeast although neither of us has any of the symptoms other than the knife like pain) an antibacterial (in case its a bacterial infection) and an antiinflammatory agent in it. I’m supposed to call next week if it isn’t improving. She said she had to give me major credit for sticking with nursing this long with pain like this and it took all I could not to start crying. So far the pain is not as bad and I’m having longer pain free periods, so I’m hopeful yet.
Yesterday was such a busy day for the both of us that I was too exhausted to post anything and even took a gamble putting Eli to bed after his 8pm feeding instead of staying up to feed him at his usual 10pm—I was THAT tired. However, the gamble did not pay off and he was up at 11pm hungry. I had hoped with the busy busy day we had  that he would have been just as tired as I was and sleep through the night :p I know, silly girl. Anyways it was a nice visit with our buddies Nicole and her little man Ryker and Scott and Jeri and their two kids Khloe and Kaleb. Thanks guys for a fun filled day :)


Steph said...

Awesome pictures! I'll be looking at those over and over and over again. I'm now beginning to think that half of your "views" have been from me alone :/

Anne said...

I read them all Steph, but you know me I'm just to shy to say anything. Maybe I'm just speechless, thinking about how this little girl that I've know forever is a Mom like me. Blows the mind.


Kimberly Hoskinson said...

He looks just like a doll! I thought he was one in the picture of him sitting in the chair. Sooo cute!!