Saturday, July 16, 2011

The good, the bad, and the ugly…

I’d like to start out with the good for today. Once again, Eli had me and daddy laughing so hard. We were watching a movie with Aaron’s brother and his girlfriend Leah when Daddy took Eli to feed him a bottle (of breast milk). The kid guzzled it down in record time, and next thing we know Aaron says “um, I think he just peed ALL over my stomach. I’m suddenly warm and I feel wet.” We all started cracking up because Eli is swaddled in a blanket, he has a diaper, onesie and pants on and so we thought he was crazy. Nope. Here’s a pic of the evidence and of course my little angel looking innocent.
Eli peed on daddy 002 
Another “good” is that I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how quickly my body is returning to pre-pregnancy :) I’m definitely more “curvy” than before, but I’m liking it :) Too bad my hubby can’t take advantage of the curvy department…see below.
As for the bad…Eli has been so fussy today :( I have no idea what his deal is. Usually he’s sleepy and only gets fussy when he’s struggling to latch on to feed (until he gets the hang of it). But today, if he was awake he was crying. Sooooo frustrating. Thank GOD for daddy who is so good with Eli and mommy. He gets everyone to calm down. The poor kid seems like he’s starving and that I haven’t fed him in days even if its only been an hour or two. This morning he nursed for 30 minutes on one side and then 10 minutes on the other side before he crapped out, but once I take him off, he cries. I KNOW he’s getting plenty of milk because I hear him GULPING and he has milk all over his face. So I pulled out some breast milk I had pumped the day before and he took a whole 2 oz more! Sheesh. This kid is going to be a chunker in no time at this rate. We’re guessing (hoping rather) that he’s just going through a growth spurt and that this too shall pass. PLEASE LORD.
And the ugly. Mommy pity party time. My nipples have been sensitive since the day I ovulated over 10 months ago. I kept thinking while pregnant “I sure hope my nipples don’t feel this way once the baby gets here, gosh, breast feeding will be torturous!” No such luck. Now I’m relying on my prescription strength motrin just to get through the initial latching on and sucking. Once he’s on its fine, but he bounces off and on until he gets it just right and my feet curl and sweat and I wanna chuck  him across the room. This morning he grabbed my nipple with both hands and threw in a head butt for good measure and if I wasn’t already sitting down with him neatly propped, I would have dropped him. I now understand why God makes babies so freakin’ cute… Pray for my nipples, pleaseandthankyou :)


Cassi said...

Have you tried a binky? Sounds like he just wants to suck (in between feedings). Also, Take a ziplock bag, fill it with water, wrap it around a tennis ball and freeze it. Then you can ice your boobs. ;)

Michelle said...

You'll be amazed how quickly those little appetites grow...that was one of my frustrations of pumping. I NEVER could build a supply, so I could never miss the opportunity to pump. It was like being attached to a machine 24/7. (Then add in the time to clean said machine for the next pumping) So much better to actually breat feed too. So I will pray for your nipples. I hear it gets much better.