Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ohmygosh! We may have a breakthrough!

I look at all these pictures of my friend’s babies with pacifiers in their mouths from the get-go and still nursing successfully (no nipple confusion) and become envious! Eli wants NOTHING to do with the binky and it’s been incredibly frustrating for me when he nurses, does his awake time,  and then fusses usually at the 1hr mark and starts sucking on anything within reach as if he’s starving! I think its because he’s tired and has no coping skills yet other than to find comfort from nursing. We’re following the advice  of the book “On becoming baby wise” that recommends nursing the baby, awake time, THEN nap time. This is so he gets on a schedule and eventually sleeps through the night. Babies, I’ve read from multiple sources, NEED schedules and structure for a sense of security. That’s what this book is all about providing. (Every baby-wise baby I know has slept through the night from 8wks-12wks on and are the happiest kids I know) The first 2 steps have been going beautifully, but like I said, that darn one hour mark is gonna be the death of me. I DO NOT want to feed my kid every hour when he already nurses for 40 minutes at least as it is. So when Grandma is over, she works really hard with him on taking the binky and she’s noticed he’ll take it if he’s laying on her chest on his belly. Hmmm, interesting. So we try it again with him sitting up, he spits it out and wails. We try him laying on his chest and he takes it! Haaaaaalleluiah! Now he’s sucking away and low and behold, he falls peacefully asleep and I am a HAPPY camper :D
eli with binky 005A pic of my widdle froggy sucking away on his binky while lying on his belly. 
Well tomorrow we have our 1 month (yes ONE month!!!) well visit with Eli’s pediatrician. I’m eager to see how much this kiddo weighs. I’m thinking he’s a 10 pounder, we shall see. I’ll be bringing up my nipple issues with her and pray she has a quick fix for me.

Night night all!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the paci! Keep up with works! Eli is adorable & I love reading all your posts & seeing all his pics.
Nicole J.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I didn't even think to tell you to try it on his tummy. That is exactly how Kaleb was... Scott would also 'trick nurse' him, holding him like he was held for me to nurse him, and kept giving the binky back. It worked most of the time!
~Jeri Chambers

Steph said...

oooooh I like the blocks in the background. Lots of fun.