Sunday, October 2, 2011

My baby is THREE months old today!

eli's 3 months 006
This onesie is from my cousin Karen. She stitched his name on it using letters from t-shirts. SUPER cute! Thanks Karen!
eli's 3 months 002  ,..And oh what fun Auntie Stephie and I had during his “photo shoot”! He’s looking like such a big boy. I pulled an over-all outfit out that Jac let me borrow since Parker has obviously outgrown it being almost 10 months. It’s size 3 months, looks huge, and yet barely fits :/ I’m guessing this will be the one and only time he’ll be able to wear it so we might as well get pics in it. Here he is, my little stud, ha ha:eli's 3 months 008 eli's 3 months 009

We thought it would be funny to leave the top part of his shirt unbuttoned but I got a vision of him being 18 years old and I didn’t like it! The second pic is better because he looks like my baby boy (Auntie Stephie said “do you miss grandma?? Grandma is gonna be home soon and I’m sure she miiiiisses YOU!”—and that’s how we got the smile in this second pic :) True story. We’ve been very sad around here because Grandma did a road trip with her sisters to Florida for a wedding this past week, and we’ve had no Eli/grandma time :(
eli's 3 months 015 Alrighty, lets get down to business:
Size: He weighed in at a whopping 14lbs today and was 24 1/2in long!
Likes: Well he hasn’t napped on his belly in a really long time so I think that no longer makes the list. He has however, made a new friend, Gerry. We got Gerry the Giraffe, a hangy toy from one of Aaron’s Minnesota buddies in the mail after Eli was born and he’s just now realizing his hands have a purpose and is enjoying swatting and grabbing at him. (Speaking of hands, he seems to think those things taste scrumdiddliumpscious because he is constantly shoving BOTH fists into his mouth, so add that to the list). He’s still loving the car seat (thank GOD!), and stroller rides. He loves listening to people talk to him and he’s a great listener.
Dislikes: Being ignored. If you’re in his presence, you better be interacting with him or he’ll let you know that your behavior is unacceptable. Mommy’s dislikes include Eli’s growth spurts, for 2 reasons: 1) He’s fussy and his schedule gets all jacked up, and 2) he Grows! :*(
Feeding: I’m happy to report that he takes a bottle (of breast milk) no problem since I’ve had to return to work. What a nightmare that would be if he wouldn’t! He still eats every 2-3hrs during the day and can go long stretches during the night now that he’s sleeping great. He still only takes 3 1/2 oz though when I Do give him the bottle. Very odd to me. I figured he’d take more by now. One of my friends said her son took EIGHT ounces by this age! Yowza!  I tried to give him 4-5oz one night before bed but he kept pushing the nipple out of his mouth at the 3 1/2 oz mark. Maybe he’s never needed more because he  eats every 2hrs..? Either way, I don’t worry about it because clearly he’s growing juuuuusttt fiiiiinnne.
Sleeping: So I get the question “is he sleeping through the night??” almost daily and I find it tough to answer. Yes he sleeps 8-10 hours straight but no, not THROUGH the night. He goes down at 7pm routinely now and he’ll wake up anywhere from 2-4am to eat, then go back to bed for a few more hours.  Last night he didn’t get up until 5am for his first middle-of-the-night feeding and then slept until 8:15! Woo hoo! I was so thankful because I had worked the night before and didn’t get into bed until after 1am so I was beat :(
Milestones: He can now support his head pretty well independently and loves when you hold him up to balance on his feet or pull on his hands to a sitting position. Still waiting on him to roll over. He comes awfully close a lot, but no cigar.
So there you have it! He’s growing so fast!
eli's 3 months 007
Night night!


Anonymous said...

My kids never took over 3-4 ounces the entire year I breastfed them! My mom could never understand how they were happy after that but I would like to believe it wasn't the quantity but the quality of what you are them :)


Linds said...

Good to know Jennee :) He IS a good eater and gaining weight appropriately so you have a good point. Its the QUALITY not quantity :)