Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Doc band has arrived…

Well, the time has come. Eli is now sportin’ his new head gear, aka “the helmet”. He seems perfectly fine with it on. I think it bothers me more than it does him. I can barely tolerate wearing a hat/glasses/headband/ear warmer more than a couple hours because my head starts to hurt. That’s what worries me about the helmet for Eli. I hope it doesn’t dig in and cause pain or irritation like I know it would me. He’s a baby. He can’t tell me that it bothers him and that it needs to come off. Even the softest knitted hats bother me after a few hours Sad smile I am happy to report though, that the whole top of his head is exposed so I can still sniff and kiss that sweet baby scented head of his. Mmmm mmm. With out further ado, here is my widdle guy:
Eli sportin' his new doc band 005
Eli sportin' his new doc band 011Eli sportin' his new doc band 007
Eli sportin' his new doc band 013
Next on the to do list: Pimp it out! Any ideas? I’m thinking decals or stickers so when I get sick of it, I can change them out. I was a little disappointed that they predict he’ll be in this thing for 3-3 1/2 months rather than 6-8 weeks like I was foolishly hoping. Oh well. Such is life. So far he seems like he doesn’t even realize its on. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

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