Friday, February 24, 2012

A travel chair…

Well I hopped onto the Pinterest bandwagon just like everyone else. I tried to hold out as long as possible but peer pressure and sheer curiosity got the best of me Winking smile. 
What I like best about it is when I stumble upon fun craft ideas, I just “pin” it and come back to it when I’m ready to start. No pressure, no commitment. Ha! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wracked my brain trying to remember where I saw a cute craft idea that I wanted to make, and the inevitable fist shaking in air when I can’t find it! Well not aaaaannyymooooorre Open-mouthed smile.
I stumbled upon this little gem:
travel chair
How cute is that??! You can find the easy peasy tutorial here. (She suggests using quilted fabric but that’s super expensive and typically comes only in old lady designs, so I just used my own fabric with some batting I had lying around instead). Oh how I wished I had something like this a few weeks ago when a couple friends of ours invited us over to dinner with Eli included. You should have seen my epic fail when I tried to fashion a high chair by propping him up on a pillow and straight jacketing him to the chair with his own blankie, (not my proudest moment). It was pretty comical for us adults but Eli was not having it. I even took a picture but then deleted it for fear of getting hate mail and being reported to DCFS for safety concerns Smile with tongue out. Anyways, now I can just tuck this puppy in my oversized purse (you know how I love convenience and “totability”), or leave it in my car for those unexpected lunch/dinner dates with people who don’t have a spare high chair lying around like my mom Winking smile.
Here’s mine:
travel high chair 003
He humors me .
Here’s how it works:
travel high chair 001
You thread the strappy thing through the spokes on the chair, he sits on the mat part, then you pull the front part up through his legs, wrap the straps around and velcro in place. The last step is to fold down the excess over the velcro-ed straps in front. Once you’re all set, you watch your kamikaze son check it’s limits and give you a small heart attack, like so:
travel high chair 005 “Can it handle me doing thiiiisss…..”
***Obviously you should only have your bundle of mischief joy in this thing with you near by, and never ever,ever,ever,EVER leave him unattended while in it***
Yay for the adorable boy fabric, right?? Oh and here it is tucked into my purse:
travel chair 001
I’m lovin’ it.
Alrighty, that’s all for now. Later gator.

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