Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One can NEVER have too many drool bibs…

Amirite?!? Sweet baby Jesus there has been copious amounts of baby drool around these parts. Grandma constantly tells me the kid needs a bib because he’s soaked, but I always hesitated because I didn’t want to cover up the cute onesie underneath :/ So that got me thinkin’, I should put the cute onesie designs on the bib so what’s under the bib doesn’t matter. Simple drool bibs are super easy to make so I started a few yesterday while Eli napped and today made some more because he was down for THREE hours! He hasn’t done that since he was a newborn. I have TONS of ideas floating through my head. The options are endless. Of course all my ideas are for girl bibs. I need to have a baby girl asap….or Steph does.
So my little muse wearing one of his bibs today:
All smiles after his 3 hour nap.
Ok gotta run. Auntie Stephie and Uncle Pibe are home from their mini vacation to New York so we wanna go say hi.

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