Thursday, February 16, 2012

What a ham bone…

Well, it’s time for Eli’s nap and he is fighting it tooth and nail. I don’t get it. Yesterday, he went down no problem. Today It’s like I’m trying something brand new and he’s afraid of this thing called a “nap”**shiver**. Uh, kiddo, we’ve been doing this little schedule for over 7 months now. At bedtime, I lay him down wide awake and he’s like “ok, I know what to do now. Momma wants me to go na nights. Ok. Done.” Easy peasy. Naps? “Wait, what is this crazy lady wanting me to do right now? Go ‘na nights??’ What the heck is that lame sauce?!” …Sigh.

So out of the crib he comes to sit with me on the couch for a bit. I’m on to his scam though. He puts on all the charm he can muster in that little pint sized body of his so that momma doesn’t banish him back to that bad place, aka “crib”.

Exhibit A (enjoying his 1 hr a day out of his helmet, in case you were wondering where it was):


“See mom, I’m way funner when I’m outa my crib” Mmm hmm.

Exhibit B:


“Mom, you’re the greatest mom in the whole wide world!” Mmm hmmm.

Exhibit C:


“Mom, you’re so funny..and did I mention beautiful…?” Mmm hmm.

And Exhibit D:


“But momma, I’m not tired…” Mmm hmm. I can tell Sweet Pea.

Kids, I tell ya.


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