Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eli waves for the first time!

Well day one is complete and I am happy to report that Eli seems none the wiser that he has a new accessory on his head. These past 24hrs in the helmet went without a hitch. He slept normally and wasn’t fussy or trying to take it off at all. I’m a proud momma Smile. Thank you all that called or texted inquiring about how he did his first day in it. That means a lot to me.
Today we had a play date with Eli’s buddy Mason, and decided to take the boys in their strollers and walk around the mall. The boys brought their aunties and we all had a nice time just hanging out and strollin’. I think Eli had a little crush on Sara’s sister because she had him giggling and she got him to wave for the first time! It was SO stinkin’ ca-uute that I just had to get it on video and show you all. This is for you grandma Winking smile:
How cute is that?! Being all shy. Poor kid had 3 blondes inches from his face cheering him on. Ha ha.
I feel bad because I think there are a LOT of people who are not familiar with the Doc band so they look at him full of curiosity. I’ll bet they think I’m a paranoid momma who won’t let my child out of the house without a safety helmet on! (My hubby would probably say that that’s not too far from the truth, ha!) Either that, or they think he’ got a disability like he must bang his head on things or something, Sad smile Breaks my heart. No peeps, he’s perfect, just trying to round out that noggin of his is all.
I saw a helmet on the internet the other day that was decorated with construction cone stickers and a decal that said “Just fixin’ my flat!” Ha ha ha. I about died. How funny! Some people are just so creative.
Well that’s all for the update. Toodles!

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