Saturday, February 4, 2012

My baby is SEVEN months old!!!

7 months old 002
He’s getting so old. He’s almost not my widdle baby anymore! Every time someone asks me how old he is, it catches me off guard saying “7 months”. He was 3 days old…then 3 weeks old I swear, yesterday! WHERE in the WORLD did the past 7 months go?!?! I can honestly say that I’m ready for another baby and that there isn’t a single phase that I will dread going through again (with him here, I mean. This statement does not include labor, just so we’re clear. I’ll pass, thankyou.) Even the newborn-wake-up-to-eat-every-2hrs phase is fine by me, you know why? Because he was so little and cuddly and would just sleep on me ** sigh. Newborn snuggles are the best.
7 months old 007
Anywho, here are the big guy’s stats:
Size: Although I hop on the scale with him and realize this is a highly inaccurate method of getting his true weight, I did do just that and he’s sitting at about 17lbs at the moment (I subtracted the additional ounces on the scale to account for his clothes and a full diaper.) As for height, I remember when we first got the jumper that he was baaaaaarely able to touch his tippy toes, and now he is bent kneed. BENT KNEED PEOPLE! Ahhh! He’s so long. Sorry, that’s about as specific as this measurement gets. I’m starting to pack up the 6month clothes he’s outgrowing and dressing him in 6-9m or 12m pants due to his length.
Likes: Jumping, bath/swimming time, mommy singing along with one of his toys his ABC’s, his fabric cube being thrown in his face (even if he’s crying this can still get him to giggle. It boggles my mind. If I’m worked up enough to cry, you better not be throwin’ anything in MY face, or prepare to throw down! I’m just sayin’) daddy, people in general, anything within reach able to fit in his little fist, and FOOD!
Dislikes: not being able to play with mommy’s phone or having that fun crinkly stuff called newspaper yanked out of his soggy hands before it reaches his mouth Sad smile
Feeding: Its easier to say what he doesn’t like: avocados. I still haven’t tried it again since taking the video that Uncle Pibe chastised Steph and I for recording of him gagging and spitting it back up :/ But this month I’ve added to his repertoire, spinach, lentils, peas and apples and they all go down like crack—he lunges at the spoon and babbles in a stern tone at me if I take too long. We still nurse quite a bit and have added the big boy foods mainly as something to do, not so much for meeting his nutritional needs since breast milk is still supposed to be his primary source of nourishment. Some days we do just breakfast, and some days we do all 3--breakfast, lunch and dinner-- as solids. It just depends on what we have going on any given day. He really IS fun to feed because he’s loved everything. No games trying to get him to open his mouth or not spit the food out. Haaaaaaleluia! I know this will change at some point most likely, but for right now, while he’s not a picky eater, I’m going to have him try everything Smile…Oh and he’s a much cleaner eater these days. We no longer eat a meal and need a bath. He keeps his hands away from the spoon and assumes the chicken wing position while momma is in charge. Finger foods are soon though so we’ll be back to square one :/
Sleeping: I haven’t really noticed a change in his sleeping habits since eating solids. He still wakes up for an early morning feed and then goes back down. I’m afraid to not do this feeding because what if he wont settle back to sleep and is now up for the day at like 4 or 5am?!?! I like that he sleeps until 8 or longer. For now, I will indulge so that I can sleep in (sue me).
Milestones: Nothing really new and exciting in this category. He’s got the sitting upright thing mastered. The other day I witnessed him pull himself up to sitting from lying on is back, using his ab muscles. No, seriously I did! Also I feel like the minute I hit the “publish” button he will have sprouted a toofer, and I’ll have missed it for this update-- he’s that close. But, still nothing. The poor kid is now sporting a bib daily due to the copious amounts of drool and slobber :/ I’m ok with the no teeth thing though because I plan to nurse until he’s one and I’m happy not to have to worry about the biting thing.
7 months old 011
You can’t fool me momma, you didn’t really take my nose…”
7 months old 013
I would never bite you momma”
7 months old 012
“I swear that toy didn’t make that fun noise when I played with it…”
7 months old 014
See? He’s about to say “mmmmomma”
7 months old 001
And that’s my 7 month old babycakes in a nut shell Smile


Steph said...

Awww he did well with this photo shoot. Way to go Lind, photographer and clown at the same time. I see a lot of Kayla in him again when i look at him smiling with the hat on.

LeslieFreeman said...

Yeah!!! Ready for another baby!! Get to it lady!!

I cannot believe how big he is getting! SO cute!!