Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day and some good news!

No, I’m not pregnant Winking smile
So today Eli and I went to his 1 week follow up visit with Cranial Technologies (CT) to make sure our first week in the helmet went well and to do measurements. This morning, while doing our 1hr free time out of the helmet, I was picking Eli up out of his jumper and didn’t see the obvious flatness on the back when usually that’s the clearest I can see it—looking straight down from above him. I thought, “huh, that’s interesting, it’s like his head is improving already.” But then I dismissed the thought as I proceeded to get him dressed and head out of the house.
Well we get to CT and I take his helmet off so the lady can measure his head and shave down some more of the foam core on the inside (this allows for further growth in the flattened areas) and I noticed it again. His head did not seem as flat on that one side and the back was so much rounder than before! She measured it and commented how he’d had a growth spurt since last week’s measurement and that his head looked less flat also when comparing it to his photos. What perfect timing! I’m so glad we caught this growth spurt while IN the helmet. Woo hoo buddy! I should have known though. He’s been eating a TON, waking up twice during the night to eat, we had to raise his jumper up to the next notch and he’s just seemed so cumbersome to carry in his carrier—all just within this past week! I guess when I think growth spurt, I think weight and height, not head circumference. So, I’m super encouraged that the helmet is working, and I have my fingers crossed that he’ll be out of this thing well before 3 1/2 months as previously predicted. I understand that baby’s growth dramatically decreases after the 7 1/2 month mark and I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I reeeeally needed to see this improvement Smile. *Squeeal!*
He’s growin’!
Well it’s just me and the kiddo today for Valentine’s day. Daddy is in Vegas where he got offered a free trip to speak at a conference. (I know, lucky right?!) So we crashed auntie Stephie’s house today to have a visit.
How cute are they?!?! I love this pic. My little heart breaker. He’s a trend setter—rockin’ the one sock/shoe off  Winking smile
Steph even managed to snag an unsolicited kiss out of him! Unbelievable that she gets it and not me, I’m jealous. It really was hilarious though because he just leans forward, plants one on her lips (it was at least a good 3 seconds long) and then licks her chin. Ha ha ha. I WISH I had gotten a picture of it! So funny. Love that kid. He also spoiled her by giving her a little foot rub. Oh uuuuuncle Piiiiibeeeee! Your nephew is setting the bar high for you on this Valentine’s day. Top that.
That’s all. Have a good one ladies and gents.

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