Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just playin’ with our Dinosaur

Well it’s another Sunday funday, for Eli and I anyway. Not so much for daddy :/ He’s stuck in his man cave doing homework. Poor thing. I personally don’t know how he keeps his sanity working full time AND doing full time school work. I know I wouldn’t be pleasant to live with if the roles were reversed. But we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel. He’ll be graduating in May with his MBA… “Graduating in May with his MBA”—sing with me: “graduating in May with his MBA!” (The joys of living with a baby, where everything is turned into a rhyme or song to sing. Who’s with me on this? Smile) Eli and I are SO proud of you daddy!!!
So what do WE do while daddy is working on school work you may ask? Why, we play with dinosaurs of course! Here he is giving his interpretation of what a dinosaur sounds like:
Right on Eli, right on.
This video is dedicated to Auntie Stephie who hasn’t seen him in a few days due to that dreaded “w” word which shall not be named…

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