Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eli’s new hat…

And don’t ask me what kind of dog it is because I don’t know my dogs, I just started learning my cars-- one thing at a time now. Lets just say this doggie is a mutt. It was whatever my mind conjured up. I think Eli likes him :)
eli's new hat 009SUP-er doggyyy!
eli's new hat 004
I just LOVE making things for this kid. I made it following this tutorial my cousin  and I came up with a couple years ago for her Craft blog. See my hands at step 9? I’m famous! ;) Oh and how adorable are my little cousins?! So munchie I tell ya.
mutt hat
It’s made out of fleece so its super soft and comfy. Eli’s getting very good at using his hands so I’m just waiting for him to locate the ears and yank! Ha ha.
Daddy originally gave me a hard time about this hat but I think he’s coming around ;)
So what shall we name him??

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