Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My little Turkey :)

Well I couldn’t have my little man showin’ up for a party on his very first Thanksgiving without party attire amirite?! Here he is in his new turkey onesie:
my little turkey 001my little turkey 002I know, they are essentially the same picture but I loved his face in both ;) This really wasn’t hard to make since a lot of it is made out of felt which is INCREDIBLY easy to work with since they stick to each other (cuts down on pinning) and they don’t fray. I made the turkey, THEN sewed it to the shirt. Waaaay easier than sewing each piece ONTO the shirt. Yikes! That would be a nightmare! Oh how I love me some felt :)
***WARNING*** Next photo may offend some people. If you have a problem with nudity, do NOT read any further if you think that this may apply to you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
And a back shot:
my little turkey 005Full moon! It’s a turkey butt ;) Ha ha.  
I sure am thankful for a LOT this year :) I don’t even know where to begin. First off, I’m obviously thankful for being blessed with having Eli. He is the highlight of my day and my pride and joy. I had NO idea how much I could possibly love a little boy ;) For those of you who knew me pregnant, I was convinced he was a girl for the first 21 wks of my pregnancy. Doh! All you mothers of boys were absolutely right when you told me how great it would be.
Secondly, my hubby. What an amazing father he has proven to be. I told you all before that I never have to ask for him to do anything for Eli because he happily jumps to tend to his needs. He’s been so hands on and has kept me level headed on so many occasions with all the new learning experiences that accompany being a new parent. Thank you honey! I LOVE you soooo much!!
Thirdly, my mom and sister. I truly wish every new mom had these two gals in their lives too (no wait, I take that back. Someone like them because honestly I don’t wanna share…sue me) They jump at the chance to see/play/hold him. They practically fight over who is going to change his diaper next! They help babysit any time I need them which has allowed me to not have to put him in day care. My mom is SUCH a nurturer that she just naturally jumps in without thinking twice about it to do anything to make my life easier. She’ll clean, do dishes, water my neglected plants, take out my garbage, organize my cleaning supplies under my sink, help me with Eli at swim class etc. Gosh I love that lady! Yes I am spoiled. Yes I DO know it but I’m incredibly grateful as well. I have so many people in my life that would do anything  for this kid. I truly am blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
And lastly, my facebook family :) You have all been so generous in sharing your knowledge and experience in regards to child rearing as questions have come up. All I have to do is post a questions/concern and I get you all jumping in with solutions/suggestions. I’ve had people offer me their baby stuff, and give me baby stuff. You’re good people :)
Hope you all enjoy some good food and family time this week! Take care.


Anonymous said...

Awww Lindsay....what a sweet and special post.

We all knew your husband, sis and momma were going to be so supportive, but not everyone is lucky enough to have relatives who do it with such joy and eagerness.

But ya know what's really wonderful? The fact that YOU are so verbally grateful and telling the whole world what special people they are.

Sweet pea, you are truly blessed.

May God watch over your family always. <><

Auntie Glenna

Steph said...

I was actually hoping to see a butt shot of Eli. Liiiiiitttle disappointed that it was of the turkey. :/

Linds said...

Thanks auntie glenna :) Steph, you made me laugh out loud. I bet you were! Ha ha ha. But isn't that a nice fanny on that turkey? ;)