Sunday, November 13, 2011

A fun Sunday and my bad-mommy confession…

Well I’m certain Eli had a very fun day today with all the attention he got from the ladies and getting to watch some TV even if it was football (gaaaag). Our college Buddy Greg and his wife Renee came over, along with my sis and her hubby to watch the games. I decided to try and make something other than chili and went with crockpot chicken fajitas. Pretty yummy if I do say so myself! The best part of the day (besides us ladies crafting of course) was my little guy was so good! He seriously adores undivided attention. Now give him 3 girls who are loving up on him and this kid was in heaven. I’m pretty sure he convinced Greg and Renee to start “trying” right away. Good job Punkin! Momma is so proud :D Thanks for a great Sunday guys, we enjoyed having you over.
So I gotta tell you about what I did to my son the other day and I felt terrible…for laughing. Well I’m certain my son likes his bodily fluids to shoot out of his body as fast as possible, (hence the grunting poop face) so it was no surprise that he actually seems to like the little bulb suctioner thinga-ma-jiggy that sucks his boogies out (the thing is amazing by the way). Well yesterday daddy was playing with Eli, doing some belly time and he reports to me that Eli has a “whopper” in his nose. Sure enough, it’s right there and about the size of a small planet, so I grab the suctioner thingy and proceed to suck it out. I get a little to come to the edge of his nose, grab a kleenex to try and wipe it out and but figured I still had more to get. So you know how these things work, you squeeze/compress it and then stick it up the nose and let go and the suction draws out the goods, well I squeeze it to go for round 2 and end up firing the previously apprehended boogie right back onto my sons face! Poor thing. You should have seen the stunned look on his face. And let me tell you, that sucker WAS a whopper indeed. Thank GOD I didn’t shoot him in the eye (although my hubby pointed out it would then be an “eye boogie” ;) That my friends is why I love him, ba dum bum!) I’m ashamed to say my first instinct was not to wipe it away but to get a camera…I hesitated people!—and laughed! :/ What kind of mother am I?? In an attempt to redeem myself I did not know where my camera was to take a picture, but chose to tend to my rattled son instead. Anywho, I confessed, now I’m forgiven, right?…cricket…cricket…
Oh, here’s my cutie patootie this morning after daddy changed a horrendous diaper and put a fresh one on before giving him to me, he obviously has forgiven me:
naked baby I love me a naked baby! Hi grandma!
Alrighty folks, hope you enjoyed your Sunday as much as we enjoyed ours!

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