Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday funday with Eli and his friends

Today the fam went over to Auntie Stephie’s and Uncle Pibe’s (not “PIEb” as their hispanic wedding DJ announced over the loud speaker at their reception, but “Pee-bay” or Pee-vay” depending on how spanish you want to sound, ha ha…but I digress) for some Sunday football. There were 4 and 3/4 babies there! I say “3/4” because one is 13wks cookin’ in his momma’s belly and the other is just about done with only 2 weeks to go! ;) The funny thing is that all the ladies that were there were nurses! None of us work together so it wasn’t like a work party or anything, they just happen to be married to all of uncle Pibe’s buddies, who just so happen to find nurses irresistible. Can’t say that I blame them :p If anybody would have choked or went into cardiac arrest, aside from being in an ER, you would have been in the next best place with 8 nurses (one of the guys was a nurse), 1 paramedic, 1 anesthesiologist and 2 state police trained as first responders! Ha ha. Too funny.
sunday funday 1
Look at all those little ones!
Eli actually sat in Auntie Stephie’s lap like a lamb and watched football for a while. Like, literally sat there and stared at the t.v without squirming or fussing. Crazy. It was fun to watch the babies check each other out, even if it did involving poking each other in the face. At one point, the oldest child who is just 2 month’s shy of 2 years old (who has a baby brother that’s 3 months old) heard one of the babies crying, ran to the coffee table and grabbed the baby’s bottle and brought it to the baby! It was seriously the cutest thing to watch. What a little momma! She was like “I know what a crying baby needs! A babas!” Love it.
Eli chilled with his daddy and Uncle Pibe for a while as momma chatted with the girls and I turn around to see this:
drinking with uncle pibe 2And who is that in the background grinning like an idiot, promoting underage intoxication you ask?? His daddy!
drinking with uncle pibe 
You turn your back for 3 seconds, thinking he’s is good hands…. UN-be-LIEV-able.
Maybe that’s why he sat still to watch t.v…he was plastered ;)
He sure loved being with the guys though :)
sunday funday 2
Playing with his buddy Brion’s hat…Who’s big boy is that? Where’d my baby go??
Whelp, that’s all folks. We sure had a great time! Can’t wait for next play date.
Nighty night

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