Tuesday, November 8, 2011

“So how many kids do you have?”..”Twenty!”

Can you imagine saying that in response to that very common question? Saying I have twenty kidlets???? Me neither. However, with that being said, I do have my own opinion about the Duggar’s announcement on being pregnant with another baby. My opinion doesn’t matter one iota I realize, but since this IS my blog and I’ve seen many people talk about it on facebook, I’m gonna share it.
Twenty. That’s a big number in reference to kids. Crazy, even. Odd, unorthodox, insane, freaks…I can go on and on about the words I’ve heard people use to describe the Duggars. Me, I’ll say inspirational. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan to have 20 kids, and I do find the Duggars pretty  unorthodox myself in that respect, but you know me, I freakin LOVE babies! I’ve always wanted to be a parent and I struggled with infertility so to be a fertile myrtle would be a blessing in my eyes.  I’m also a Christian so I feel everything happens for a reason and agree with them when they say “a child is a gift from God.” I don’t try to “shove” my beliefs down anyone’s throat but I DO try to be a reflection of God in how I live my life, spend my money, treat people etc. Now I understand I’m not perfect in my attempt to do this, but lets not get off point here. My point is I feel America could learn a LOT from them. Are they really “freaks” for living debt free?? They even enlisted the help of the entire family to build by hand  their own, fully-paid-for house! How awesome is that?! They aren’t relying on our tax dollars to feed, clothe, and shelter THEIR children. We as Americans spend more than we have just to keep up with the Joneses. Everything is on credit cards. Are they really freaks to teach their kids humility, generosity and treating people kindly?? I can’t say that I’ve heard of any of the Duggars posing for playboy, getting arrested for being public nuisances, or having any paternity allegations, have you? Lindsay Lohan has, the Kardashians have dabbled in some of these, and don’t even get me started on the countless professional athletes that top the list and yet people seem to looooove and idolize them. I don’t get it. The Duggars are highly proficient and organized to implement a “buddy” system to help care for the littler ones. Pure genius if you ask me. I just feel we shouldn’t immediately jump to the conclusion that they are weirdos just because they don’t live a lifestyle we do or would choose for ourselves. I’m just sayin’.
Now I gotta try and jump down off my soap box without breaking a leg….
You’re still entitled to your opinion :)
p.s I feel like my friend Michelle who writes reviews on life/books/movies/celebs etc. She’s hilarious and crazy, check out her blog  here . From now on, I’ll try to stick with Eli stories.

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Anonymous said...

WELL SAID!!! I agree completely :-) I LOVE the Duggars... yes, they are different, but, overall, we all could learn something from them.
~Jeri Chambers