Friday, November 18, 2011

RIP Blue Schumann 3/18/98-11/18/11

** We love you, we miss you, we will never forget you.**

precious Blue

Today was a very sad day for us as we mourn the passing of Eli’s doggie cousin, Blue. He was 13 1/2 years old but always resembled a mischievous young pup and gosh, was he ever handsome! Look at that face! Believe me, mommy and daddy had a hard time saying “no” to that face.

I’ve cried plenty today and my plan is not to sadden you all as well but to ask your help in remembering this awesome doggie if you were blessed to know him. I’ll start with my fond memories first :)

So the doggie you see before you, although not the cuddle type, was very thoughtful and generous with his time in the following ways:

-He always willingly and selflessly sampled Eli’s hangy toys and teether rings to make sure they were safe for babies. (Phew!)…

-He acted as supervisor during numerous diaper changes, so that Eli never had the chance to roll off the couch while mommy/auntie changed him. (Thanks!)…

-He would greet us at the door and poke his head under Eli’s carseat tent to check that his auntie didn’t forget his little cousin at home and then proceed to smother him with as many kisses as he could…

-He would escort Eli in his stroller on nice long walks around the block, pointing out the best pee spots…

-And, he made sure  his mommy used only the softest, cuddliest, flannel for baby blankets she made for presents by walking on them, testing them out, and finally giving his approval by laying on them as she sewed.


One of my favorite Stories Steph told me about Blue was when they lived in their condo and Aldo and Steph were playing around and pretend wrestling on their bed one night (staaaay with me now, don’t go wandering the gutters people this is a “G” rated blog) and Aldo pinned her and apparently had some menacing body language and tone because Blue hopped up on the bed and nudged Aldo away and gently did the Blue “talk”/low growl (he never barked) as if to say “back off man, this is MY momma and you better not be hurting her!” He had never done anything like that before. He was protective of her even if it meant telling one of his favorite people, daddy, to back off. I know Aldo didn’t think he could possibly love his dog any more than he already did, until that moment. He was so proud of him :)

So what’s your greatest memory of Blue??

Hugs and snuggles,

Auntie Lindsay and family.

daddy and blue

mommy and blue








Blue with his Daddy and mommy.


Aaron Scicluna said...

I remember having guests at my house and asking if we had a dog since there were left over bones and chew toys scattered about. I always knew when he was babysitting my family for me...fond memories and he will truly be missed.

Ariana said...

This was well written. I laughed and teared up. Blue sounded like a great companion.

Anonymous said...

Since i have sooo many great memories one of the greatest memory was when pibe n steph went on vacation n blue stayed with us (tia n cousin). I would let him sleep on my bed (which he wasnt allwed 2 do), put a gazillion of pillows on the floor to make it comfy for him, n then take pics n send them to his daddy n ma. Ohhh how i miss u so much :-( .

Love always,
Ur Tia

Anonymous said...

I remember that silly dog always walking in the middle of our card games. Oh Blue, you dont have thumbs to play.
I enjoyed the time he escorted Linds, Steph and I to Dairy Queen. He was a good supervisor for the three of us. Miss you Blue, you did a good job taking care of your family.

Anonymous said...

Great blog..had smiles and watery eyes. I'm sorry to hear the news about Blue. Sending you and your sister virtual hugs. ~Michelle~

Steph said...

When I would walk Blue without his leash and he wouldn't come to me when I asked him too, instead of chasing after him, I just started walking in the opposite direction. When he realized i wasn't paying attention to him or going after him, he quickly turned around and came running after me. *Sigh* what a little stinker. But mommy always knew how to get him to do what she wanted. :D

Linds said...

Thanks guys for taking the time to post your favorite memories, it means a lot to me and I'm sure it means a lot to Blue's parents. Another memory occured to me this mourning (mispelling intentional) that I wanted to share.

So back when Aldo was gone monday through Friday down in Springfield training to be the state trooper he is today, Steph and Blue spent a lot of time at my house. No sooner where they in my house and I would hear Blue whining to mommy to let him out into the back yard. Once out, he'd make a bee-line straight to our neighbors house and all but knock on their door to see if his dog-buddy Reesey could come out and play. Ha ha. We had to draaaaag him back inside. (Sigh) Memories.