Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby shower for Sara…

Today I took Eli with me to my friend Sara’s baby shower since kids and babies where welcome (Which worked out great because the hubby had a huge paper to write for school and my mom/sitter wasn’t feeling well). We had a good time and Eli behaved for the first 2hrs, (he’s a people person and loves attention), but then hit his wall at his usual nap time and was too over stimulated by all the excitement to fall asleep and ended up  freaking out :/ My poor kiddo. Thank God there was a baby whisperer there (Sara’s mother-in-law’s sister) that finally got him to fall asleep. This time change thing certainly isn’t helping matters either because he thought it was time to start getting ready for bed at 5:30 tonight. We definitely need to get back on schedule tomorrow.
Steph and I had a blast making all of Sara’s baby gifts. We made her a car seat tent, a wet bag, some pee pee tee pees, a hooded towel, hooter hider, paci holder and paci clip, a diaper motorcycle (also with homemade recieving blankets for the handle bars), sugar scrub for momma, and a travel bib! Phew. We were very busy :)
Here are a few pics of the ones I remembered to take pictures of:
hooded robe 005Diaper motorcycle (2 receiving blankets, about 40 diapers, 3 pairs baby socks, bottle, washcloth, and 2 bibs) Tutorial found here.
hooded robe 009 
Hooded bath towel.
travel bib 2
travel bib 1

Travel bib. You stick in a spoon and fork on the side pockets and some wet wipes in the center, fold it and snap shut. Tutorial found here.
masons carseat tent
Carseat tent, no explanation needed I’m sure.
I’m bummed I forgot to take a pic of the wet bag. Oh well. It was just a bag to stick wet/soiled baby stuff in that had a waterproof lining and zipped shut.
Here we are with the momma to be. Poor Eli looks put out. I think he needs more time hanging with the men:
saras shower 001
People often think the 3 of us are sisters when we are out and about.
We played a game involving guessing the different chocolate candies melted in diapers. They smelled scrumdiddlioumpscious but looked DI-Scust-ing. I snapped a pic of Steph smelling one as she tried to guess what it was, ha ha:
saras shower 002
I think she feared that at any given time she’d open up a “real” diaper, hence the nervous face. ha ha ha.
All in all it was a good time. Sara was spoiled as she should be :) Congrats girlie! Soooooo excited for you to start this awesome journey as well.

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