Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Man boogies…

   And I’m sure every one of you thought I was exaggerating when I described my son’s boogie as the size of a small planet. Here, I have proof of my son’s “man boogie”:
man boogie 002Exhibit A
man boogie 3 
Exhibit B
    Guh-ross. I heard him fussin’ and I look over to see what’s going on and I see this! Good LORD how does a nose so small make such ginormous boogies???!?!?!? Sorry to gross you out, but I’m pretty sure most of my readers are my fellow nurses..or family and they’re used to my nursing stories so I figured you all can handle it. Ha ha. All  my other readers, I’m so sorry to subject you to this if you don’t fall into one of the above mentioned categories.

    On to less disgusting news. My sister and Don came over to visit today and when they went to leave I found my thieving sister like this:
man boogie 001    She was gonna take him home with her by smuggling him out in her coat! If it wasn’t for my incredible “mother instinct” knowing when my baby cub was in danger I would have never picked up on it. Ok maybe the large bald head sticking out of her coat (not having previously been there), tipped me off. Either way, I was on the ball! Yay me :) I’m happy to report no kidnapping occurred and  my son is safe and sound at home.
That’s all for now..oh, Eli says “hi”


Anonymous said...

HAHHAHAHAHHAHA!! Gotta watch dat seester of yours every second we see!

Auntie G

Linds said...

ha ha ha. I love you auntie glenna :)