Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My baby is FOUR months old today!

4 mths 001
Wooo-eee what fun it has been! This kid is my pride and joy :) We had our 4 month well baby visit today (with some not so great news…I’ll get to that in a little bit) and then we went to a photo shoot with my UH-maz-ing cousin Julie who has her own photo/video business and so generously offered to do a shoot as a baby shower gift to me. Check out her website here or on facebook here. She did my wedding video, a little 10-15min “highlights” kind of thing and I just absolutely LOVE it! I had no idea what to expect and she blew me away with her “vision”. I tell ya, We’re a crafty/creative bunch in this family :)
So to start, we had our doc visit this morning. He’s doing great, developing just where he should be (although he still hasn’t rolled over) and he’s middle of the pack for growth. I hesitated on the vaccinations at the 2 month visit and told her I’d get back to her with my decision. I read “The Vaccine book” by Dr. Sears and took a lot of notes and realized Eli didn’t necessarily need all the vaccines at this point, if at all, being exclusively breast fed and no day care. So I just decided on the Dtap for now. For the shot she told me to nurse him and just leave a thigh exposed and they’d do it while he was in his happy place :/ Two words for you after he got the shot: “Heart breaking”. He was so content, and then BAm! A my-leg-suddenly-hurts-really-bad-and-I’m-in-a-fit-of-hysterics wail ensues :*( Poor kid. He only cried for a minute and was soothed pretty quickly, thank God but still broke my heart nonetheless. Then he passed out in his seater for the ride home, but unfortunately did not really get a good nap in for his photo-shoot later :/ That was a bummer. Although he didn’t cry for the shoot, he was not very smiley and his little eyes get red rimmed when he’s tired. But, my Cuz is a phenomenal photgrapher so I’m optimistic she worked her magic and was able to get some good shots. I busted out all his cute little crocheted/knitted hats he got from my showers and kept swapping them out for his different pics :)
So the not so good news. There have been 2 things I worried about from day one, 1) having a colicky baby and/or 2) having a baby with a flat head from the “back to sleep” requirement. I’m ALWAYS staring and checking out babies head shapes. Whelp, Eli’s head is flat on one side and kind of cone shaped. I’m not sure what I could have done differently. It’s not like it never occurred to me and I wish I would have paid attention and done things differently :/He sleeps with his head to either side but I think he favors the right side more because he tends to suck that thumb at night and turns his head to reach it (he wants NOTHING to do with the nook). So I mentioned my concern to the doc and she said it wasn’t a bad idea to have him see the “head” specialist and have him do a free consultation. She said she doesn’t think it will get any worse but that she doubts it will correct itself at this point. I feel that since baldness runs on the mom’s side and my side is filled with baldies that he will probably be bald by age 20 so the least I could do for the kid was to make sure he had a nice shaped head! I’m sorry punkin, mommy failed you :(
Ok, onto his stats:
Size: Well last month I had hopped on a scale with Eli and subtracted my weight to get his with him being fully clothed so I’m guessing it wasn’t entirely accurate like at the doc’s office where I strip him down to his birthday suit. Today, naked, he weighed 14.5 lbs So I’m guessing he gained about a pound this month. As for length, he was 25 1/4in long. He definitely seems like he’s getting leaner and longer. The doc explained that the weight gain slows down now compared to how rapid it was the first 3 months of his life. 
Likes: He loves to be pulled up to a sitting position or into a standing position. He’s actually interested in toys now and grabbing and tasting them and he still loves his seater and car rides. The latest is swim lessons which he loves as well so needless to say, bath time is a blast too.
Dislikes: He’s not a big fan of belly time if you leave him there too long, and if I take too long to get the boob out when he’s hungry he’s quick to let me know he’s not pleased.
Feeding: I still feed on demand anywhere from 1 1/2-3hrs during the day which I don’t mind because I want to keep my milk supply up since he goes such long stretches at night now that he sleeps 11hr stretches. I plan to wait on introducing solids until 6 months. For now, just enjoying the simplicity of breastfeeding :)
Sleeping: He goes down at 7pm like clock work and gets up between 4-6 to eat, then sleeps in until about 8-9. I wake him up at 9 if he’s still sleeping because I don’t want to mess with his daytime napping schedules. His first nap is at 10am and lasts anywhere from 1-3 hrs, then an afternoon nap that is still is in the works on nailing down a set time, but is a smaller 1hr nap between 2-4pm. He’s a good sleeper :)
Milestones: He pulls and supports his head easily when pulled into an upright position. Uses his hands to grab at things intentionally now and is jabbering away.
And there you have it!
4 mths 002-Linds

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