Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

It’s Eli’s first Halloween. I remember seeing a baby Gus Gus on the internet ages ago and thought I just had to do that if I had a baby who was a couple months old by the time his first Halloween came around. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a costume since he’s not going trick or treating or anything. It’s mainly just for answering the door for the trick or treaters and for photos. So without further ado….Heeeeerrre’s Gus Gus from Cinderella:
eli's first halloween 002eli's first halloween 003eli's first halloween 004eli's first halloween 005eli's first halloween 009eli's first halloween 016eli's first halloween 018eli's first halloween 020 This costume was super easy to make. Nothing to it really. I made the ears out of felt, and flannel for the pink part. I  just sewed black stitches for the inner ear “creases”. I obviously just wung the general shape of the ear. The booties I made using my thumb-less mitten pattern with elastic around the ankle and the hat was 2 triangle shaped pieces sewn together (using my step dad’s t-shirt, thanks Ter!) Finally, I just pinched the top part of the ear inside the hat and sewed across. Oh and some felt bangs, can’t forget those. Easy peasy. (The shirt I just cut the snaps off a 5-8lb newborn onesie that he never fit into from the get-go.) It cost me nothing to make since I already had all the supplies on hand. Saa-weet!
I’m sure most of you already saw my costume on facebook. Steph suggested we go as the twins from “The Shining”, last minute. I’ve never seen a costume for this (not that’d I’d be willing to pay for it anyway) so we first thought of going to goodwill to get the blue dresses but then it dawned on us, what are the odds of finding the style dress we wanted, in our size and then TWO of them??? Slim to none. So we made the decision to just make them from scratch. I measured Steph to make our pattern and since we’re the same size and body shape, just used that to make both our dresses. The craziest part for me was that we wanted 4 yrds of fabric but they only had a little over 3 yrds, and just guestimated how much lace to buy and it was all JUST ENOUGH! The fabric is so lightweight and a little see-through so they are even lined, and we still had enough fabric for that! I can’t quite figure out how all that was possible. I had absolutely nothing to spare in any of the fabric and lace. This was my first crack at drafting my own pattern too so I was pretty proud of myself. The dresses are a little shorter than I would have liked because I simply just didn’t have enough fabric to make them any longer, but then again, the shortness really did give it a child-like quality. Everyone at the party we went to thought we were the host’s 16year old daughter’s friends! Ha ha. Nobody believed we were out of high school. Job well done then I guess :)
eli's first halloween 001 Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!

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