Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Birthday fun!

I just celebrated my 29th birthday yesterday. It was a beautiful day with the weather being bright, sunny and warm and good times with the family. Eli and I started off our day inviting Grandma to watch his swim lessons and she came prepared with the camera. He did such a great job again and even tolerated being dunked under water for the first time :)
eli swimming 1Getting ready to go under the water sprinkler…
eli swimming 2  Getting instructions from the teacher…
eli swimming 3 Learning to back float…
eli swimming 4 Up close view of his back floating skills :)
eli swimming 5 Kicking off the wall with his buddy Nicholas (Eli loves kicking off anything!)
eli swimming 7 Front facing, kicking off the wall. Hi Nicholas and Jacque!
eli swimming 8 We start by using these cups to pour water over their backs (1), their necks (2) and then finally on the count of 3, their heads
eli swimming 10 At the end, the last 5 minutes or so is “play time”
I hope I’ve convinced some of you to give this a try. It seriously is sooooo much fun. Only draw back is that mommy has to get into a swim suit while baby is still too young to go by himself :/
Next we went over to Grandmas where she fed us delicious food (Eli got to “taste” it later, wink*wink), and we opened presents. Steph came with her hubby, and Jac came as well since her birthday is the 19th. Everything was scrumdiddliumpscious! Thanks mom!
birthday 2011 001Don gives us a rose for every year. This is our pageant pose :)
birthday 2011 022Another Don tradition is a lottery ticket for every year.
birthday 2011 021 We’re each modeling some of the hair accessories I made Steph.
birthday 2011 017 Steph’s in what I call an “Accessory phase”, so we decked her out. (Bracelet, flower watch-ring, silver ring, and feather hair clip) 
birthday 2011 007 Steph and I got her this leather coat from Guess. I wanted to keep it sooooo bad!
birthday 2011 025
The 29 roses brightening up my kitchen.
birthday 2011 009
A “good luck” plant from my momma :)
birthday 2011 006
And Eli supervising to make sure the party didn’t get out of hand
All in all I’d say I was totally spoiled rotten. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!


Anonymous said...

Awwww......so glad it was a special day for you and your sista.

Happy Birthday again to my sweet nieces. <3

Love, Auntie Glenna

Cinney said...

Loved all these pictures but the swimming ones are soooo precious, especially floating on his back--LOVE IT!!!

Linds said...

Thanks ladies!