Saturday, October 22, 2011

I caught Eli giggling!

16 wks Week 16
And we mark another week down! He is the best part of my day. Being just shy of 4 months now, he is actively teething (munchin’ on EVERYTHING in sight, and drooling like a maniac) and using his hands more to grab and hold on to things. He’s able to hold onto the teether thingy (Thanks to my friend from work, Nicole Jushka who got it for us! It is pretty great) but just barely. He usually shows promise by getting a good grasp on it but it’s short lived when his poor coordination leads to him wonking himself on his little noggin. Poor thing. Its obvious that they are definitely designed for a 6 month old since that is the typical age of teething so I find myself tethered to him, holding it for him. I don’t mind though, we bond :)
I mentioned on facebook that grandma got him to giggle last night but he stopped before I was able to get my phone out to capture it. Not tooodaaayyy :D Daddy had just finished changing him and was giving him kisses and he started giggling like crazy! My heart melted to see my 2 boys having such a great time. I told Aaron to stop until I could get my camera and yay, he delivered!
Check’em out!
Love it! He’s so stinkin fun.
Alrighty folks, that’s all for now. It’s been a long, painful, exhausting day. Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you about my ER visit this morning as I dealt with my first kidney stone. Fun times!
Na Night

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Steph said...

Oh how I love that kid. I'm totally gonna try that next time i change him to see if he'll giggle for me. *sigh* I couldn't help but giggle too.